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Dran, Olan & Pev - Friday 29/09/2017 (Lukes)

After looting and pillaging Cragmaw hideout, our adventurers saddled up with their wagon of supplies and headed down the Triboar trail and made it to the small mining settlement of Phandelin! Heading first to Barthens provisions the party dropped off the supplies that Gundren had charged us with delivering. The party also did a little provisioning for things we thought we may need (an explorers pack, healers pouches and some other gear and rations) we then went on to the Lionshield Costers outpost to return the stolen goods and earned ourselves a tidy little sum for its safe return.

About this time we found the local inn and settled in for a good feed and a few too many meads. It was around this time that we learnt about the Redbrands- a gang of human Ruffians that were terrorizing the town. The redbrands were known to frequent the other Inn called the sleeping Giant……. We decided to head back to Barthens to buy some commoners clothes as a sort of disguise so we could scope out the Redbrands whereabouts, upon leaving Barthens we were ambushed in the street by 4 of the ruffians, having the drop on us a skirmish ensued resulting in all of the party going down only to be saved by Sildar who joined the fray towards the end ( a really close shave for the party!) Not being to happy with the Redbrands at this point Dran decided to make an example of the ruffians by dragging their bodies to the town green stringing one up and dismembering the other 3 into a likeness of Cthulu as a warning to others and as a nod to the great old one.

The party also visited the shrine of luck to pay their respects earning the favor of the goddess of luck and good fortune Tymora. Having raised the attention of the Redbrands we thought it best to skip town for a day or two and develop a plan. We headed south out of town and laid up for a day.

Once rested up we headed back into town with a plan to hit up the remaining places of interest to try and gather for info on the Redbrands and other possible leads. We met the beautiful Halia Thornton, the guildmistress of the miners Exchange. Halia approached the party and offered them a reward for killing the leader of the Redbrands known only as Glass-staff.

While conspiring with Halia 2 redbrands patrolled passed the shop, thinking we could get some more information from the ruffians we killed one and captured the other, a southerner named From- he didnt offer much in the way of usefull info other than that the base of operations for the Redbrands was underneath the manor on the hill and that a shady entity known as the black spider had hired the gang to frighten off adventurers and terrorize the locals. Tiring of the lack of usefull information Olan put an end to From with a swift blow of his hammer to the back of his head. The party then formulated a plan to deal with the Redbrands once and for all, we would first create a distraction by burning down the sleeping giant inn with all of the redbrands inside, thus drawing out hopefully the remaining members from their lair under the manor house, Halia agreed to help with some muscle supplying 3 fighters from an unknown faction of which Halia is a part.

Fast forward to the night and our party is poised at the back of the Sleeping giant Inn torches and oil vials in hand ready to end the tyrrany of the Redbrand gang…… one of the 3 fighters posing as a villager quietly leaves the inn at the right moment and jams the exits sealing the ruffians fate, the party lobs the oil vials at the Inn made of thatch and wood. Torches are lit and thrown engulfing the entire building with hellish fire, the screams of the redbrands echoes down the main street of Phandelin, swords attempt to hack through the exits, muffled banging and clanging as the ruffians attempt to get out and escape the flames. the screams die down as the flames and smoke take hold. The patrons of the inn that were quietly told to leave are seen across the street faces framed by the fire raise their hands and cheer as the redbrands are burnt to death…..now the real fight begins….


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